Your hunting trophies are irreplaceable. They deserve to be professionally and artistically mounted to ensure others can appreciate them as much as you do. Trevor Willis combines his years of hunting experience and taxidermy skills to consistently produce mounts of exceptional quality. His attention to detail and finish is excellent.

Trevor has mounted some 16 trophy heads for me over the last 8 years so I have no hesitation in recommending his work to anyone who wants high quality, creative and life like taxidermy.

In 2010 he arranged a very successful moose and Dall sheep hunt for me in Alaska (amongst many other equally successfully hunts) so I can recommend him as an outfitter as well.


John Dunn

Hunting author and writer.

Senior Correspondent, Australian Shooter magazine


Having enjoyed several successful hunts on a variety of species over recent years both domestically and internationally, organized through Trevor Willis taxidermy, I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor's services.


Trevor obviously puts many hours into researching and organizing the finer details of a hunt. I have also found his knowledge and assistance in acquiring all the relevant documentation to be extremely valuable.
I now have several high quality trophy mounts as a result of these hunts which are testament to Trevor's attention to detail and his skill as a taxidermist.


Good hunting. Geoff Hallett.




In 1998, I took my first Sambar stag- 17". Naturally I had to have the trophy mounted so consulted a fellow deer hunting friend as to who he would recommend. The immediate response was Trevor Willis. When questioned as to the quality of his work the reply was. 'When I take my 30" Sambar, Trevor will be mounting it for me' - enough said. My Sambar was duly sent to Trevor and the end result was superb. I still enjoy looking at him and remembering the hunt. Trevor treated the task as he would have had it been a 30" trophy- attention to detail and a life like representation of not just a Sambar but the animal I had taken.

 Over the following years, Trevor has worked on all six species of deer for me and the results have always been first class. He has an artist's eye and a craftsman's approach to his work which demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the animals he works with, both their physiology and character. 

I have looked at other Taxidermists work as regards quality and cost and believe that Trevor is not only competitive but also value for money. His work is not churned out to a formula but the result of care, patience and detail - resulting in a truly life like and individual end product.

 Over the years, Trevor has assisted me with his extensive experience and knowledge of all things hunting. January this year ('05) I hunted Chital in Queensland and Trevor organised the trip for me to the last detail. Airfares were researched to obtain the cheapest and most effective journey possible to fit in with my time available. All paperwork and information was in hand well in advance and contact maintained by phone and e-mail to stay abreast of changes and also what to expect during the hunt itself. Nothing was left to chance and as a result the trip was not only successful but also stress free, relaxing and with plenty of time factored in to allow me to follow my other pursuit in relation to deer- photography.

  I would certainly contemplate future hunts organised by Trevor, be it in Australia or overseas as the pressure is certainly a lot less than trying to find one's way through the maze of paperwork etc.

 I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor to anyone contemplating the mounting of a trophy of a lifetime or an organised hunt. 'IF' I ever manage a 30" Sambar there is no question as to where it will be going and of the end result.






I have hunted Deer for close on 20 years now, so I have had the opportunity to observe many Taxidermists’ work through friend’s trophies. Without doubt Trevor’s work is equal to and in most cases, the best I have seen. They actually look like the animals that were taken. This is obviously due to Trevor’s artistic eye, meticulous attention to detail and care when mounting the trophy.

I moved to Victorias North East 10 years ago and caught up with Trevor through a friend. His work impressed me to such an extent that I knew when my time came to score a trophy, where it would be going. Since then I have been fortunate enough to be involved with several hunting mates, including Russ Marsden, when they have taken a Sambar Stag. Without hesitation I have recommended Trevor for their mounts. None have been disappointed. One mate is still waiting to send his Sambar to Trevor (he has to shoot it yet!), as he can’t wait to have Trevor mount it.

Finally my turn came for a Sambar Stag – 27”, straight to Trevor’s and the result is excellent. Since then I have had a New Caledonian Rusa and two more Sambar Stags – 28” & 29”, mounted, all excellent examples of Trevor’s talent. One day, hopefully, the elusive 30 incher will come my way for Trevor to weave his magic.

Your hunting trophies represent a huge investment in enjoyment, time, energy, sweat, frustration, patience and money pursuing our chosen sport. To have them mounted by Trevor Willis Taxidermy will do them justice and rekindle those great memories well into the future.

Trevor Cassidy

North East Victoria.